5 Reasons You Should Supercharge Your Business with Video Marketing

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Calling all business owners, marketing professionals and digital marketeers. It may come as no surprise that video marketing is now a must for many brands across the globe. With 94% of people saying they’d watch a short video to learn about a product or service before reading further, it would be crazy to ignore the power of video marketing in 2022.

What makes video marketing so powerful is that it’s accessible at anytime and anywhere. Just think how often you scroll through your phone during the day, on the move or just lying in bed. The means to reach your audience has never been simpler.

Creating a video from scratch can seem like a daunting task at first. It needs to be carefully considered as it takes time, effort and money to create video content and no one wants to invest in video marketing if they don’t think they’re going to see a healthy return in brand presence and, ultimately, sales. With the inevitable benefits available to all, it’s definitely an avenue that your business should be considering if it’snot already being planned. 

Here are 5 reasons to supercharge your business with video marketing.

Video Marketing

1. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Video is proven to be a huge 7.5 times more likely to achieve clicks than any still image, with 80% of video marketers claiming that video has directly increased their sales. There are many reasons for this, but generally speaking, most people are more likely to initially watch a video as opposed to reading text.

Hold onto your hats… The conversion rate is even higher when you apply video into your email marketing campaigns with a staggering 200-300% increase in click-through rates. Quite simply, these numbers speak for themselves.

Amazon has quite recently introduced video ads to the online megastore and the numbers of businesses adopting the medium are still quite low. This suggests that it’s a perfect time to get ahead of your competitors if you are operating on the plaform. Mediabite Group has been producing video content for clients who are already seeing as much as 5-7% conversion from their sponsored video ads on Amazon, and that’s just the beginning.

Of course, to get the most from your videos it’s important to have a video marketing strategy in place before you go in all guns blazing. Do you want to produce product demonstration videos? Reviews or interviews? Short presentations? Are they purely to host on your website or are you planning to use the content on your social media channels? Will you be posting to YouTube? If so, how regularly will you want to post your content?

There’s a lot to consider in the first instance, but when you have your strategy clearly in place, ideas will churn and your business will be faced with the exciting prospect of being more visible and engaging than ever before.

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2. Videos Improve Business Ranking in Search Engines

Yes, it’s all about SEO, [Search Engine Optoimisation]. Google just loves videos and YouTube was the second most visited site globally in 2021. 

The main reasons behind this and as touched upon in our last point, videos are engaging, entertaining and informative, with people more likely to watch a video than click on a copy-heavy website. Of course, Google is going to give videos a boost because they know that it’s what people want to see. Did you ever notice that video content is always near the top of your searches?

This is why it’s important, not just to upload your video, but to also add relevant tags, keywords, an eye-catching thumbnail and an engaging title to boost your visibility. Performing these simple tasks at the outset of a campaign will drive your organic reach and ultimately your ranking. We can add links into your video content to encourage customers to click through, simultaneously creating valuable backlinks to your site and individual product pages.

The key here is to find a healthy balance. Too many links will upset the search engine algorithms and can become a drag for the viewer.

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3. Videos Get Shares

We’d all love to be the creator of a viral video. In just seconds your content can go from a couple of views to thousands and boom; your brand has a completely new audience.

It’s proven that people are twice as likely to share a video with their friends, compared to any other type of content and particularly on mobile devices. 

Subsequently, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter actively push video content above everything else on their platforms. With the number of social media users expected to increase to 3.43 billion in 2023, that’s a potential reach that should not be ignored.

As we know, YouTube is currently the second most visited site in the world, but TikTok is quickly gaining ground. Short and sweet video snippets that, [to date] are consumed by a younger demographic, if something goes viral on there, the conversion rates are often staggering.

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4. Video Helps Drive Brand Personality

Whilst this can be accomplished with the written word, there’s no better way to demonstrate your brand personality than with video. Work with us to find the style you like and that you feel fits with your brand’s image. This could be quirky, funny, or smart and professional. The options are endless.

If you’d like to appear in your videos yourself [which we highly recommend at some stage], it can be a great way to introduce yourself and to present the face behind the business. Behind every brand are people and customers love to ‘meet’ the team, which leads nicely to our final point.

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5. Video Builds Trust 

Videos can help to build a number of brand values that are centrally important to customers. Honesty, reliability and trust being key to most. Using video content, customers can easily see the product or service in action and can visualise how it will work for them. They can ‘meet’ the people and the work behind the business. If people feel they’re investing in other people, [and not just web-bots] they will be more likely to buy. In a study, carried out in 2020, 84% of customers said they were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video.?

If you’d like to look into video marketing but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with us today. We have our own in-house equipment and experience to help you produce some killer video content. Just watch our video showreel and scan our client list to see what we can do.


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