Crowdfunding Management

Are you at the R&D stage of your next product?
Are you a start-up with a hot new concept that will take the world by storm and looking for investment capital?

Crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, could provide your business the boost it needs to jump from the drawing board into the market.

Mediabite’s team can provide you with a complete service to raise capital, reduce risk and make your next campaign the one that sets you apart from the field.

Launching and managing crowdfunding campaigns, whilst exciting, can be incredibly demanding. A successful crowdfunding campaign demands a great deal of meticulous planning and pre-production with content to demonstrate your vision to its potential audience.

Alongside this, organisers must outline and prepare to reach as many backers as possible within the maximum 60 days that’s allocated for any individual crowdfunding campaign.

Mediabite Group has the experience you need and has successfully produced campaigns running up to seven figures. Campaigns that have been developed in-house, from kick-off to delivery and everything in-between, breaking records along the way.

Our recipe for success includes all aspects of photography, videography, design,
marketing and public relations, leaving you free to focus on the feedback from your new customers and to help shape the best possible outcome for your crowdfunding campaign.

crowdfunding management

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