Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation

It’s crucial to work with designers and creatives who can deliver world-class
content to ensure the correct profile for your business and brands.

We pride ourselves on our ability to refine concepts, working to strict briefs and
guidelines to present stunning design, covering logo and brand development,
page make-up, advertising creatives, websites/UX, 3D Modelling/Environments,
product packaging & more.

Traditional Design

Great design is nothing without a firm grasp on traditional skills.
Our creative team has undertaken many years of extensive training in the fundamental principles of graphic design, illustration and animation.

Applying these traditional skills in the modern creative environment makes all the difference when transferring to digital applications.
Our ability to break down any brief, sketch up any storyboard or draft a series of branding concepts by hand, is one aspect that sets us apart from our competition.

Digital Design

The Digital Design team at Mediabite take the traditional disciples of graphic
arts and applies them within broader aspects of creative projects, including
animation, interactive elements, web/app design and video.

Our expertise in animation stems from our Film Production department working hand in hand with our design team. Applications range from simple screen titles to fully computer-generated animations, 3D modelling, rendering and AR assets..

The aesthetics of Traditional Design play a role in Interactive Design but with a
necessity for it to be more user-friendly, which is the focus of user experience [UX] design. Within this process, all aspects of branding, design, usability, and function are taken into account to create simple and intuitive results.

Mediabite’s 3D object and environment modelling has become more important within the company’s mixed reality filmmaking and hybrid event services. All
managed within the Digital Design division.

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