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Within Mediabite Group’s extensive creative skillset, lies cutting edge high-quality xR filmmaking and broadcast capabilities. Directly complementing Mediabite Group’s filmmaking and events divisions, this groundbreaking technology allows Mediabite to produce a broad range of productions, including virtual conferencing, set design, private events/product launches, live-streaming and so much more.

What does extended reality [xR] actually mean?

Extended Reality [xR] is a collective term in live production, combining Augmented [AR], Virtual [VR] and Mixed Reality [MR] elements to extend the reality we experience by either blending the virtual and ‘real’ worlds or by creating a fully immersive experience.

The application of xR is a relatively recent development in modern film production and broadcast and presents virtually limitless possibilities for creatives working in film, TV, photo and events sectors. 

Augmented Reality

AR is a widely used term to describe the addition of 3D generated content, composited over a live background view, providing the appearance of content sitting in [or augmenting] the real world.

Mixed Reality

MR goes beyond composited AR, placing real-time rendered content on screens around and under actors and real objects, creating rich virtual environments that immerse the actors in the space.

Virtual Reality

VR is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment and places the user inside an experience. Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to simulate and preview the production.

Some of the key applications for xR production include: 


xR provides opportunities to produce film content with less crew, less travel and less time on set, thus also significantly reducing the budget required for traditional film production.

In post-production, LED screens provide a more agile, faster, easier and higher-quality alternative to green screen technology, reducing the production cycle and allowing more creative visual decisions to be made and applied on set and in real-time.


In a studio setting, LED screens deliver crisp, high-resolution content and lighting – all in real-time and all captured in-camera. This scenario creates an environment in which presenters can visually interact, making them feel more confident and delivering better performance on camera.


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